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Submission guidelines


  • Several budget packages ranging from 250 EUR to 3.000 EUR will be granted and should include all costs (travel, material, production, wages),
  • 25% will be transferred two months prior to the event (based on an invoice),
  • 75% will be transferred one week prior to the event (based on an invoice),
  • Accommodation on the festival site (tent, dormitory) if needed.

Required to apply

  • Project description (max. 300 words):
    • Overview of the concept, content and form of the project.


  • Exhibition/Performance duration, please choose and motivate between:
    • Only available/possible for the festival time:
      • performance: 1, 2, 3 or 4 days (minimum 2 performances per day),
      • installations: 4 days,
    • Available/possible for the summertime (from the end of June until early September). Only applicable for installations.
    • Available/possible for a permanent setup. Only applicable for installations.


  • Project realisation (max. 200 words):
    • Production timeline and method
    • Workforce needs (if needed). It is important for us to know exactly the part played by each person contributing to the realisation of the work on the festival site. Please make a precise list of each person involved.
    • Any key contributors and provisional exhibition/performance requirements,
    • Please send your technical requirements. For a better operation, it is preferable for you to be as independent as possible.


  • CV and/or portfolio (max. 2 pages):
    • Full contact details with first name(s), last name(s), phone number, localisation, etc.


  • Budget (max. 1 page):
    • A brief outline of expenditure for the production budget.
    • If your project requires additional funds, please outline funding sources and indicate whether they are confirmed or expected.


  • Visual material:
    • Online link to a video (if available),
    • Pictures and/or sketches (max. 8)

Communication & Timeline


Specific in-situ availibilities (optional)

Long-term opportunities for installations (optional)