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Tickets are now available to everyone, and not only for the Community anymore.

To provide you with the most enjoyable and comfortable experience possible, we choose to limit the number of tickets to a very reasonable number. Our goal is to preserve a friendly and intimate atmosphere between all the participants, from the festival-goers, to the artists and our crew.

For the first time since the birth of La Nature, we will no longer be increasing the festival's capacity in 2024 in order to ensure that the above-mentioned objectives are safeguarded.

All tickets include access to the general campsite.
Be aware that the land is a bit sloppy.

In order to avoid any scamming and to ensure secure transactions between our valued participants, the most secure way to get a ticket remains our official online ticket shop. For ticket resale, please check our Guidelines. Please be aware that the PDF tickets of your purchase will only be sent to you 30 days prior to the event.

La Nature is always trying to be more inclusive. We are teaming up with Article 27 to provide a way for people that face difficult financial situation to join the festival nonetheless.
If you are entitled to benefit from Article 27's conditions (please read more about it here), you can contact us via love[AT]lanature.be to buy a discounted ticket.

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LA NATURE 2024, JUNE 20 - 24