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CLOSED ! Please contact us again after Summer if interested by the next chapters of IMMERSIO.

Submission guidelines

Starting in 2022, we enter a three-year thematic cycle called “Immersio”. By this means, we want to follow the guidelines of nature and its impact on the evolution of organic matter, the biological phenomenons, from photosynthesis to decomposition and all the steps in-between.

First chapter (2022):         Synthesis
Second chapter (2023):     Anthesis
Third chapter (2024):        Mycelium

We will take into account several criteria upon the selection of projects:

  • the relevance to the theme,
  • the immersive aspect of the proposal,
  • a sustainable approach, respect for the environment and upcycling.

We are therefore looking for projects that are particularly relevant to the following disciplines:

artistic performance

    • whose object is not only musical (dance, happenings, improvisation, body art, theatre… this list is not exhaustive);
    • the intervention can be off-stage, spatially fixed or mobile;
    • we can also dedicate a specific space and time for a new or pre-existing performance, off- or on-stage.

artistic installation

    • contemplative and/or conceptual and/or interactive,

We won’t look into scenographic projects as our team is already working on this. But if you want to get involved, please contact:

Long-term opportunities for installations (optional)

Closely collaborating with our host, La Station de la Haute Ardenne (the ski domain) and the municipality, we now have the opportunity to develop long-term projects on site. Therefore, we would like to grab/seize this opportunity to bring an impactful artistic imprint to our rural and remote countryside.

That means that we have the possibility to allow some artworks to cohabit on the festival site for a longer period of time (from 3 months to several years).

We will then create an art trail around and within the perimeter of the festival that will display your artworks/installations and allow walkers to discover them in the heart of nature.

The only constraint for this kind of commitment is that we will only consider the artworks that do not require any electricity or a manual activation process. You should also make sure that the artworks can live well with the rather harsh Belgian weather conditions.


  • Several budget packages ranging from 250 EUR to 3.000 EUR will be granted and should include all costs (travel, material, production, wages).
  • 25% will be transferred two months prior to the event,
  • 75% will be transferred one week prior to the event.

Required to apply

  • Project description (max. 300 words):
    • Overview of the concept, content and form of the project.
  • Exhibition/Performance duration, please choose and motivate between:
    • Only available/possible for the festival time:
      • performance: 1, 2 or 3 days,
      • installations: 4 days,
    • Available/possible for the summertime (from the end of June until early September). Only applicable for installations.
    • Available/possible for a permanent setup. Only applicable for installations.
  • Project realisation (max. 200 words):
    • Production timeline and method,
    • Any key contributors and provisional exhibition/performance requirements,
  • CV and/or portfolio (max. 2 pages)
  • Budget (max. 1 page):
    • A brief outline of expenditure for the production budget.
    • If your project requires additional funds, please outline funding sources and indicate whether they are confirmed or expected.
  • Visual material:
    • Online link to a video
    • Pictures and/or sketches (max. 8)

Communication & Timeline

  • Email your submission in French or English to
  • If you wish to send us pictures and/or videos that exceed the limits of email transmission, please only use WeTransfer or Google Drive

Deadline: 10th of April ! CLOSED !
Notification date: 20th of April

Build-up: 13 to 22 June 2022
Festival: 23 to 26 June 2022
Break down (if applicable): 28 & 29 June 2022


Here is a short glimpse of La Nature Festival.