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Volunteer’s registration


La Nature cannot take shape and run properly without the help of a community-based energy. Led by a non-profit association, we recruit volunteer angels every year who will allow us to welcome the public in the best of comfort, but also to develop a friendly atmosphere, and a determined cooperative spirit.


Registration will be open until the end of May, except if we find all the needed workforce before that. So don’t wait too long!

How can I get involved ?

Volunteer period

Build-up: from Mon. June 12 to Thu. June 22
Festival shifts: from Thu. June 22 to Mon. June 26
Breakdown: from Mon. June 26 to Wed. June 28

Minimal requirements

We ask you to commit to either:
─ 10 days of build up,
─ 6 days of build up and/or break down,
─ 4 days of festival shifts.
Build up/Breakdown days include 8 hours of work per day.
Festival shifts include between 3 and 5 hours of work per day.

We also ask that you purchase a festival ticket yourself, which will be refunded in full the week after the festival, once all your assignments have been completed.

***If you don’t have a ticket yet, you can also transfer 85€ directly to the bank account of our ASBL (more info when you register).***


Depending on the shifts, chosen or assigned, the following benefits will be offered to you:
─ Free access to the festival and camping,
─ 3 meals per day (during buildup/breakdown),
─ Cashless credits for drinks according to the shifts made,
─ 1 sandwich per day (during festival shifts),
─ La Nature 2023 goodies according to the shifts made.

Quick FAQ