Special Conditions of Sale 2021

Who we are

Fleur Sauvage ASBL (representing noname.community, la nature festival)
rue Mathieu Laensbergh 46 4000 LIEGE, Belgium
Our websites addresses are: https://noname.community/ & https://lanature.be


1. Field of Application

All festival participants (hereafter referred to as the festival-goer) expressly acknowledge that they have, before finalising the purchase of their ticket, read and accepted the present special conditions of sale 2021, the general terms and conditions of the festival here and the general terms and conditions of sales of our ticketing partner Emisys (on the ticketshop).

2. Reservation

The only way to buy a valid ticket is through the official laéature.be/tickets sales sites and our ticketing partners. Only our official partners are allowed to organise competitions where tickets are offered.

Our prices are those indicated on the ticketing page of our Website (https://www.lanature.be). These prices are always given in Euros, including VAT, taxes and service charges.

All tickets ordered will be sent electronically to the email address provided at the time of booking. This means that you will receive a PDF file via e-mail.

The reservation is effective as soon as the payment is made. The purchase is then final, i.e. your festival ticket is neither refundable nor exchangeable.

As the buyer, you are obliged to check the content of the e-mail and the receipt of your order carefully. In the event that we have performed our service in an imperfect manner, you, as the buyer, have seven (7) days to notify us. To do so, it is always necessary to notify Emisys Customer Service in writing, stating your reasons. If your complaint is declared admissible, we will of course correct our errors. If you do not communicate your motivated complaint within the imposed deadline, your rights of complaint are cancelled.

The consumer’s Right of Withdrawal is not applicable, since the service sold is a leisure activity and is moreover carried out immediately.

By accepting the General Terms and Conditions and the Special Terms and Conditions, you, as a consumer, declare that you no longer have a right of withdrawal from the moment that La Nature Festival and Emisys have performed the requested service.

3. Further Information

Under no circumstances do your tickets give access to a reserved place on the festival site or on the campsites.

All tickets must be exchanged at the festival entrance for a wristband.

Any counterfeiting of the ticket or bracelet will result in legal proceedings.

No ticket and/or bracelet will be refunded or replaced.

Only the first person who shows up with the original festival tickets will have access to the event or campsite. This person must be able to prove that his or her identity is the same as that indicated on the ticket. It is therefore essential to make sure that nobody can copy your festival ticket.

Changes in the programme will not give rise to a partial or total refund of the festival ticket. In case of force majeure, the organiser will not be held responsible.

By purchasing a festival ticket, you expressly agree to be bound, as a visitor, to our general terms and conditions and to our special terms and conditions of sale. Any breach of these regulations will be sanctioned. La Nature Festival reserves the right to refuse access to the grounds to any person if there are sufficient reasons to do so. You are the only person responsible in the event of a breach of the rules on your part. You are also obliged to guarantee La Nature Festival against all possible consequences of your failure, including claims by third parties. Furthermore, we retain the right to take the necessary legal action ourselves.

Special Terms concerning 2021 & the COVID19 situation

In view of the health crisis that has impacted the whole world in 2020 and continues to make the prospects for 2021 difficult, we want to communicate in full transparency and offer maximum flexibility to our audience.

For this reason, by purchasing tickets for the 2021 edition of La Nature Festival, you accept that the event may be cancelled and postponed to a later date, without being able to demand a refund. You also accept that this new proposed date(s) may be set until 31 December 2022 at the latest, if the health situation does not allow it to be set earlier. You will therefore only be able to demand a refund of your ticket from 1 January 2023 and only if you can demonstrate your inability to participate in the alternative dates proposed by our association.

However, you should be aware that we will make every effort to offer you alternatives as soon as possible and that you will be allowed to use the validity of your ticket on several occasions. We are currently working to consider all possible scenarios between June 2021 and December 2022 in order to offer significant flexibility to all those who wish to be part of the La Nature Festival adventure.