How to get involved ?

In the spirit of cooperation and co-creation, we actively seek to extend the driving forces before and during the festival.
This is why we are now calling on anyone who wishes to get involved in this collaborative, artistic and cultural project.

Several opportunities are available to you:

  • Call for artistic projects (now, see below),
  • Registration for the volunteer team (soon),
  • Shops (send your application to love[a],
  • Internship possible from January to July: events management, graphic design, community management, … (send your application to love[a]


Call for artistic projects

Submission guidelines:

We are looking for projects that are particularly relevant to the disciplines:

  • scenography (contemplative, useful and/or interactive),
  • performance whose object is not only musical (dance, happenings, improvisation, body art, theatre, video mapping,… this list is not exhaustive),
  • artistic/builders installation (contemplative, useful and/or interactive).

We are particularly sensitive to environmentally conscious approaches to the surrounding areas, but also from an ecological and sustainable point of view. In this endeavor, we are striving to create a special bond with nature and that is why we wish to enhance it through projects that can challenge, question, respect or highlight it.

We are particularly fond of contrasting nature with technology, but also any proposal that aims to develop a mystery around the occupation of the forest in which the festival takes place.

Required to apply:
  • Project description (max. 300 words):
    • Overview of the concept, content and form of the project.
  • Project realisation (max. 200 words):
    • Production timeline and method,
    • Any key contributors and provisional exhibition requirements,
  • CV and/or portfolio (max. 2 pages)
  • Budget (max. 1 page):
    • A brief outline of expenditure for the production budget, and should include all costs (travel, material, realisation, ..).
    • Explain how your project can be flexible on its budget. We will be particularly sensitive to the lower cost / upcylced / local channels.
    • If your project requires additional funds, please outline funding sources and indicate whether they are confirmed or expected.
  • Visual material:
    • Online link to video (max. 5 minutes)
    • Pictures or sketches (max. 8)
  • Email your submission to love[a]
  • If you wish to send us pictures and/or videos that exceed the limits of email transmission, please use only WeTransfer / Google Drive.

15th of March

Notification date:

31st of March

Realisation constraints:

Buidling: 15th to 17th June 2020
Festival: 18th to 21st June 2020
Disassembly: 22nd to 24th June 2020