How to get there…

Thanks to our partnership with CovEvent, we are able to provide you a wonderfull tool to organize your travel to our festival and back. Registering to CovEvent will let you add or find travel solutions to share with other festival goers. Share a car, a mini-bus or any other means of transportation to ease your organization.

By using this tool, you will also participate at lowering your carbon footprint ! And if that’s not enough for you, find here a few other reasons to use it :

  • Did you know that 1 out of 3 deadly accidents is due to alcohol? Find or become a SAM / BOB by registering easily as carpooler!
  • Did you know that the air pollution caused by your transport represents more than 45% of the overall ecological footprint of the event? Help us reducing it by carpooling!
  • Get to meet like-minded participants thanks to carpooling!
  • There aren’t many public transport solutions to get to the event, we advise you to carpool and help you to do so efciently!

Carpool !