COVID19 : update 12/04 – La Nature 2021

Dear Naturists,

You start to know the music… sadly.

It is impossible for us to keep on organising the festival next June. The federal government has once again proven, to our deep disappointment, that it is not capable of providing a clear agenda and objectives for gradually lifting of the lockdown on the cultural sector.

Fortunately, as we told you last February, we had anticipated such a scenario by preparing a backup plan. We are therefore officially announcing that the festival will now take place from 2 to 5 September 2021.

We are ready to do anything to ensure that the festival happens this year, but once again, we ask for the utmost flexibility.

All tickets purchased between the end of 2019 and today will of course be valid for this new date. However, all those who could not join us, have now several choices in their personal account of the ticket shop.

You can either postpone the ticket to 2022, transform it into a voucher (valid until the end of 2022) or b to our non-profit organisation.

One thing is for sure, we intend to seize the opportunities that will be offered to us in the coming months in order to hopefully see you again as soon as possible.

So, if smaller events are allowed in the meantime, count on us to invite you to an open air, a concert, or a spontaneous gathering!

From now on, we will focus all our energy on this new rendezvous. We are so looking forward to seeing you again, dancing, laughing and hugging you <3